A frameless design adds an unexpected spatiality to any bathroom, providing sophistication and elegance. The ability to adapt to any bathroom configuration flawlessly makes it the ultimate bathroom indulgence. Our components are quality assured and a wide variety of accessories are available, allowing for customizable options to cater to individual preferences. Additionally, the omission of […]


Space constructive, our slimline shower screen caters to a wide range of bathroom configurations, due to its omission of a swinging door. Innovative and luxurious, our slimline shower screen immediately enhances any bathroom with its modern design. Combining aesthetics and functionality with a state of the art door grip and quality track components, slimline is […]

Swing Line

Our SwingLine range of product is designed with maintenance-free in mind while upholding the Austscreen brand value of design and functionality. Design Clean and simple, the design-registered wall and door post harmonises both the technical advantage of a frame and the aesthetics of a frameless shower screen by offering the use of large glass surfaces […]

Bumb Free

A system unique to Austscreen, our ‘Bumb-Free’ sliding shower screen incorporates a state of the art ‘Bumb-Free’ pulley system, with an ‘Anti-Jump’ head track. A full-length grip handle enhances convenience for users while sliding. Our ‘Bumb-Free’ sliding shower screen consists of contoured profiles, adding to the overall aesthetics. With quality components, our shower screen is […]