Conventional Curtains

Conventional Curtains

Curtains are an essential part of interior design. It enhances the aesthetics of any living space, by adding sophistication and a soft touch. Catering to different interior designs, we provide a wide range of curtain options varying in style, material, size and design.

Day curtains
Commonly known as sheer or organza curtains, our day curtains are made of lightweight translucent polyester materials. Day curtains allow soft light to peek through, keeping the living space adequately lit while providing some form of privacy at the same time.

Night curtains
Night curtains are usually heavy weight, lined and comes in darker coloured materials to enhance privacy and block out unwanted light. Different textures of night curtains adds an unexpected dimension, making your living space a luxurious indulgence.

Heavy-duty aluminium track with stainless steel rollers
At Austscreen, we use top quality products and accessories such as the heavy-duty aluminium track with stainless steel rollers that are extremely durable. Our quality components assures a smooth and easy user experience.

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