Synchronized Sliding Door System

Synchronized Sliding Door System

We have various design system customize to your needs.

Cutting edge soft-closing technology minimizes the effort needed to close these doors, providing a user-friendly experience.

15mm heavy duty powder coat aluminium frame portrays a slim and modernize outlook.

A design that is as focused on functionality as it is on the aesthetics.

Durability of the product is guaranteed with prior factory testing of up to 100,000 cycles.

Safety and durability

With the current innovation and specifications of modern sliding door to have is the synchronized and soft closing feature. With a total of 100,000 factory testing of opening and closing the door, we can therefore conclude that it is safe and durable to withstand the test of time. Before installing all Sliding doors must be enforced with a strong ceiling support (metal beam or concrete) which will be assess by our site specialist. In addition, the” Sliding Guide” within the track allows a maximum weight capacity of 90kg per door. Last but not least, tempered glass between the 15mm heavy-duty aluminium frame added an increase in safety feature for the door.

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